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We offer a range of technical services to reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.

Energy Auditing

The energy audit is a detailed technical survey and analysis of the buildings, systems and processes on the site, and the key first step for an energy management program. Our focus on quality and precision means that the energy saving recommendations are practical, and the cost savings imminently achievable. We offer a variety of options for SMEs and enterprise organizations. With experience delivering certified commercial energy audits to ESOS and Si426 standards, compliance with the European Energy Efficiency Directive is assured.

Real-time Energy Monitoring

Monitoring energy flows in real time is key to long-term energy efficiency. It can be challenging to find the right balance between too much data and not enough data and choosing the right hardware and software platforms can be overwhelming. We focus on reliable, cost-effective energy monitoring solutions tailored to your site requirements.


Energy efficient design is a collaborative process that aims to deliver the lowest life cycle cost for a commercial building. Circular Energy works with building owners, architects, M&E engineers, and other stakeholders to evaluate the energy performance of various design options and to choose the optimum design. We have extensive experience in energy efficient commercial building design and work to recognized standards including CIBSE, LEED, IS399, Part L 2017 & NZEB.

Building Energy Rating

We offer fast, reliable Building Energy Ratings (BER) for commercial property. The result is a certified building energy efficiency rating from A to G and an advisory report with a list of cost saving and energy saving recommendations. Contact us today for an immediate quotation.

ISO50001 Consultancy

The definitive international standard for energy management, ISO50001 is increasingly popular among large companies with dynamic operations. Starting with a clear energy policy, the standard requires a structured approach to energy management. Corporations and manufacturing companies are using ISO50001 to establish a framework for carbon emissions reduction and cost savings through continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement Program

We believe that energy management is a continuous process not a once-off project. Energy savings achieved today can erode tomorrow due to changes in end users’ behaviour, varying capacity requirements, or seasonal fluctuations. Ensuring sustained efficiency requires appropriate technology and collaboration with engineering teams on site to set the foundation for long-term energy savings.

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