Corporate Sustainability and Compliance

EED Audit Criteria

What are the criteria for a large organization?
A legal entity that either
Employs 250 people or more
Annual turnover > €50m and balance sheet > €43m

How in-depth does the energy audit need to be?
Organizations are required to evaluate and report on at least 90% of their total primary energy consumption (including transportation).

Turning corporate sustainability goals into actions

While many businesses aim to improve energy efficiency, there are numerous obstacles to implementation. In most companies the Finance department pays the utility bills without communicating with the engineering and facilities departments who operate the building. Utility bills are often viewed as a fixed overhead cost and switching energy providers is seen as the only means of reducing this cost. These days there are an overwhelming number of energy saving products and choosing the wrong solution can pose a budgetary risk, or negatively impact building performance or production output.

Your business goals, our energy management expertise

At Circular Energy we have the knowledge and experience to implement corporate energy management strategy. We help businesses define quantitative goals and identify specific areas for improvement, with a focus on practical implementation. While we specialise in technical solutions, we understand that people are the key to positive change. Our collaborative approach will ensure that all relevant stakeholders are heard, from Management, to operations, and facilities personnel. As outlined in the ISO50001 standard, commitment from top level executives is key in turning corporate goals into company culture. A collaborative approach to corporate sustainability will lead to new ideas on how to save energy and reduce carbon emissions throughout the company.

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